Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How To Save That Expensive (Or Inexpensive) Purse

Like many women, I LIVE in my purse.  It holds everything I need to survive in the course of a day:  money, ID, insurance cards, tissues band-aids and make-up.  But no matter now expensive or inexpensive the purse is, it always gets scraped up:

My scuffed-up purse

Here's how to fix that scuffed-up purse!

Just run the nearest store that has a LARGE selection of nail polishes and pick one that matches the color of your purse.  Dab some on the damaged spots, and voila!  Your purse will look like new!

My purse looks brand-new!

I found a color to match mine at Claire's and you can't even tell that I've repaired this handbag SEVERAL times!  This technique is especially frugal if you have many purses of one color, like basic black, and it works on stains as well as scuff marks (depending on how dark the stain is). 

Give it a shot and tell me how this worked for you!

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