Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Creative Ways To Wrap Those Gift Cards

For Christmas this year, the Teen asked for gift cards...JUST gift cards. Deep sigh...gone are the days of last-minute assembling bikes and Hot Wheels. And while gift cards are great for him and easy for us, opening them on Christmas Day is somewhat...BORING, at least for those of us who are watching. So here are

10 Creative Ways To Wrap Those Gift Cards

How CAN you wrap those gift cards?

1.   Put the card in a box and wrap that in a larger box, etc. Note, however, that this has been so overdone, it yield almost no surprise factor. Still, if you think your recipient would like it, go for it.

2.  Place the card between the paws of a stuffed animal, rubber band the animal's paws together, and then wrap the animal.

3. Wrap the card inside a pair of socks, hat, or gloves. 

4. Place the card inside the box of a common object (one of Junior's is inside an Irish Spring soap box) and then wrap it up. 

5.  Sandwich the card between two chocolate bars.

This has nothing to do with gift cards.  I just like reindeer.

6.  Frame the card in a Dollar Store picture frame.

7.  Place the card in a Ziploc bag then put that bag in another Ziploc bag filled with Play Doh, rice, or something squishy. Then put that bag in a box and wrap it. This will completely confuse the recipient.

8.  Stuff a balloon with the gift card and some confetti.  Blow up the balloon, tie it with ribbons and a “pop me” label. Attach a safety pin to the balloon. 

9.  Tape the gift card to some fake money and place it in a Dollar Store purse or wallet. Add a bow.

And the one I used this year: Place the gift card between two large, flat rocks. Wrap the rocks.    I can't wait to see the confusion on Junior's face when he opens his present!

Gift cards don't have to be boring!

If you'd prefer to make a gift card holder, visit this site for some nifty ideas!

Thanks for reading!

Note:  The graphics above are courtesy of Pixabay.  

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