Monday, May 16, 2016

Three Products I LOVE (And One I Do NOT) - Product Reviews Ahoy!

Okay, readers, I have not done product reviews in a LONG time, so today is the day! Check out my assessments below of some stuff I have around the house!

Yogi Ginkgo Clarity Tea

Yogi Ginko Clarity Tea is delicious!

I am not a big herbal person, but I'd heard about the alleged properties of ginkgo (read more at WebMd here). What attracted me to the package of Yogi Ginkgo Clarity Tea, however, was that it allegedly supports memory. Hmmmm....I can always use help in that department. 

This tea has a sweetness that makes it perfect for hot or on ice. Since it's decaffeinated, it's appropriate for drinking all afternoon since it won't interfere with sleep. 

And does it help my memory?

 I think so! I definitely notice a difference when I'm drinking it versus when I'm not.  This is my go-to drink, especially during the Summer.

Jack Links Turkey Jerky

Jack Links Turkey Jerky is great for you and your kids.

When I think of jerky, I think of chewing on rubber tires. Other jerky I've tried was so chewy it actually made my jaw ache. Not so with Jack Links Turkey Jerky!  Okay, so there were a few pieces that were on the tough side, but overall, it has a pleasant texture it is DELICIOUS! At 80 calories per serving (three in the package – of course, I ate the whole package) and 13 grams of protein, it's a great snack to have in the house and is a must-have in your emergency kit. My daughter loved it, too, so I'm keeping some in the car. 

 Fresh Step Kitty Litter

The ONLY kitty litter I'll buy!

A few years back, I cashed in any favors I had with the hubby and asked for a cat (I really wanted a dog, but a canine just doesn't fit in with our lifestyle right now). While Cosy is the family pet, since she's mine, I take full responsibility for the litter box. I tried the cheapie brands of litter and they are a total waste of money (except when you need traction in the snow - keep a bag in your trunk during the Winter).  I've also tried the new pricey crystals which are supposed to be soooo absorbent that they last the whole month. Bullshit! The crystals smelled like the cheap litter and, when the cat treks them on the floor, THEY HURT TO STEP ON (think tiny Lego, parents)!

Fresh Step Litter NEVER SMELLS even though the litter box is in the family room where any odor would be especially apparent.

I'm ashamed to admit that I've forgotten to scoop the poop, but even after four days, there's no odor in our room. Fresh Step is the only brand I'll be using.

Cosy, my kitty litter user.

So those are my favorite brands of late. I'll be reviewing products at least once a week, so stay tuned.

Now, do you agree with my reviews? Feel free to disagree!

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