Friday, January 23, 2015

What To Bring To A Gymnastics Meet

As regular readers of this blog know, my daughter competes in gymnastics. It's been a WONDERFUL experience for her on SO many levels. She's made new friends, learned all about nutrition, it's great exercise, and has given her fantastic lessons in winning, losing, and how to handle competition in general. In fact, we're getting ready for a meet this weekend.

In looking at the various resources on the web, I noticed that no one had compiled a list of what to bring to a meet. Never fear, I am here!

There's LOTS of stuff to bring to a gymnastics meet!

Here's a list of what you might want to bring with you when your child is competing in gymnastics:

For Your Child:

Competition Leotard
Competition Warm-Ups
An extra set of clothes if your child likes to change afterwards
Elastics and/or competition scrunchie (we have one that matches the leotards)
Water bottle
Hair pins
Snacks (meets are LONG)
Anything else that helps your gymnast relax such as a stuffed animal or Ipod)

Flower are a great reward for competing in a gymnastics meet!

Hair spray (for your daughter)
Aspirin (for you – these things are nerve wracking)
Needle & thread
Safety Pins
Coaches gifts (if you give them)
Snacks for you and the rest of the family
Water for you and the rest of the family
Flowers (for the gymnast and/or her friends – sometimes I bring chocolate instead)
Your camera (fully charged)
An extra battery for your phone (because it WILL fail just when you need it)
A pencil & notebook (for jotting down notes, scores, etc.)
Extra money (because these things are EXPENSIVE)
I also carry lavender oil which helps me relax and, on one or two occasions, has helped HER relax

If you've been to these meets, you know they take many hours. You live for those few seconds when your daughter competes.

Make a copy of this checklist and use it as a guideline as you tweak it to meet your family's needs. Oh, and if I've forgotten something, please let me know.

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