Thursday, December 3, 2015

A FREEBIE Kids Can Give That Adults Love To Receive

I always feel sorry for kids around the holidays, birthdays, and whenever it's customary to give someone a present. No matter how big their hearts are, they just don't have any money to spend on those they love. “Oh, it's the thought that counts,”we tell them, and that may be true, but they also know something else: that our society equates money with worth. So children still feel bad when adults take out coins and bills to buy presents and they have nothing to spend. 

Sure, kids are great at making things and older ones can re-gift one of their own possessions (jewelry, gift cards, etc.),  but I was completely ENCHANTED recently when I opened this gift from my 10 year old for my birthday:

Not only had she painted me a lovely picture in all my favorite colors, but taped to the painting was were five envelopes containing coupons she'd thought up. As you can see, they're for things like:

  • painting my toes (she knows I enjoy pedicures)
  • help cooking (Boy, do I need that one)
  • “doing something I don't want to do”

She also stipulated that one or more “can be re-used.” BRILLIANT!

Yes, I've see coupons before, for things like “kisses,” or “taking out the trash” - thing one hopes kids would do anyway. But to have her sit down and carefully, thoughtfully think about tasks I would genuinely like help with, touched me in a way no other gift has.

Now to help YOUR little one, please feel free to copy and/or print out this coupon that they can embellish with a drawing or sticker, fill in and give when it's customary or just because they feel like it:

And as always:

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