Monday, February 2, 2015

5 Ways To Save Money When You're Shopping For Clothes

Clothes aren't cheap, especially when you're a perpetual dieter who changes sizes every few months. I have at least three sizes of clothes in my closet (and yes, I know I need to find a way to “change lifestyles” or workout or whatever). Anyway, I've become something of an expert in shopping for clothes, especially since we're basically a 1-income family. 

Save money on clothes when you shop!

Here are 5 ways I save money when shopping for clothes:

  1. Shop At Thrift Stores – Thrift Stores have some really nice clothing for very little money. Not only have I saved a lot of money at these places, I've found the merchandise to be in good condition. Yes, you do need to check meticulously for frayed seams, etc., but I've found some clothes at stores like TJ Max and Marshall's that had imperfections as well. It's ALWAYS buyer beware! Be prepared to spend a lot of time browsing at these stores and try on pieces whenever possible. Don't know where the nearest Thrift Store is? Click here.

  2. Wait Two Weeks – Spot something you HAVE to have but hate the price? That just happened to me when I went to Sears and spotted boots I SOOOO wanted! Painful as it was, I walked out of the store. Two weeks later, they were on sale for 60% off! You can also ask a store employee when the item you want will be on sale.

  3. Pay With Cash – Much like my kids, when I have to fork over cash, I think twice about my purchase. Seeing those greenbacks leave my hands is painful. Try paining, I mean paying with cash and see how much you save.

  4. Don't Buy Trends Or Fads, Especially If You're Of A Certain Age (like me) – What looks cute on your 9-year old daughter won't make you the Cool Mom. It'll just embarrass the both of you. I stick with classic styles, basic colors, and pieces that look good on me. By basing my wardrobe on bottoms and sweaters that are black and blue (you know, for pain and suffering), I can buy more colorful tops and know they'll go with my basics. 

  5. Hate It? Return It! -  Used to be you'd have to go through a song and dance to return stuff. Not anymore. I've come home with “Oh my God! What was I thinking?!” stuff. I just keep the receipt in the bag and return it ASAP. 

Pay with cash and you won't spend as much!

By using the above, I can make sure I get clothes at good prices, save money, and look good in what I have. Periodically I put away the clothes that don't fit but find that I do need to keep them because just in case I do put on or take off weight, I don't have to buy new pieces. 

Try these methods and tell me what you think!

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