Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NO Muffin-Top With These Jeans

So I looked in the mirror today and groaned. I've put on a few pounds and have been living in my yoga pants and leggings. Looking mighty schlumpy there, Mom!

I want to wear jeans, but every time I try on a pair, my muffin top hangs out. 


I usually get so discouraged and depressed that I leave stores without buying anything. 

So today, I ran over to Sears, determined to buy jeans – in whatever size I fit, without any self-criticism. I tried on several sizes in different brands (staying away from ones I KNOW don't fit well for me, like Gloria Vanderbilt.  If the jeans didn't fit, showed my muffin-top, or felt uncomfortable, I ditched them.  And the winner is.....drumroll please....

Lee Natural Fit Just Below The Waist Stretch

These Lee Jeans contain my muffin-top!

These are pull-on jeans, so they may qualify as Mom Jeans, but I don't care. There's no zipper to stick out and I'm not tucking anything in - my tops all cover the waistband anyway. They stretch, but don't feel like leggings or, worse, jeggings. There are back pockets, but no embellishments to draw attention to my ass-etts and they STRETCH. No ironing required.  They hold my butt in and aren't too tight. The size I wear was a little large, but that's fine. And the best part:


This is not me wearing Lee Jeans - just thought you should know.

They actually pull my tummy in a little.  And they're oh, so COMFY!

These are going to be my everyday, “not feeling frumpy,” “not ashamed of my size” pants.  I can wear them to work and to school and not feel inferior to those Size 6 moms.  They make me feel good!

It's hard, but I need to remind myself every day that my self-worth should not be based on the number on the scale or the number on a pair of jeans. No matter what size I am, I deserve to look good and feel good. These jeans accomplish both.

What are your favorite jeans?  Let me know!

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