Sunday, October 12, 2014

DID I Turn Off The Stove? Sanity-Saving Ways To Hep You Remember If You Did

DID I remember everything I needed to?!!!

Update:  The other morning as we're leaving for school, my daughter yells, "Mom:  did you remember to turn off the toaster oven?  The stove?"  Love that! 


I am famous, or infamous, in my family for pulling out of the driveway and pulling right back in again, afraid that I'd forgotten to turn off the stove, left the back door open, etc. I've heard too many stories of people who did that and worse - left candles burning, only to find the fire department waiting when they returned home. So here are some ways to help you remember that you did, in fact, turn off something important:

  1. When my daughter was very into the Rainbow Loom, I had her make me some rings. I use one of them, along with a plastic ring she got at a birthday party.  Every time I light a burner or turn the oven on, I slip one of those rings on my finger. It reminds me that that appliance is on and has saved me many times from forgetting that it was active.  You could also put a loose rubber band around your wrist as a reminder. 

    These rings help me remember when the stove is on.

  1. Put your cellphone near the appliance. You're not going to bed or out the door without your cellphone! If you put that item near the candle or stove, you're going to 1) think it's weird that your phone is there, alerting you that something is unusual 2) retrieve the phone before and, hopefully, remember why it was there.
  1. Say out loud “I have turned the oven off.” You will remember the sound of your voice and how insane you felt when you spoke to no one. 

    Hearing your own voice will help you remember

  2. Leave a checklist by the door. This is especially helpful for when you're going away. My checklist includes making sure no major appliances are running, no candles are lit, no cups have been left near the computer (the cat likes to knock them over), etc.

  3. Get your family in on the act. After I've checked, I'll ask my husband or teenager to double-check for me. Two sets of eyes are better than one.

  4. Give a neighbor a key to your house so that you can ask THEM to check for you. I've done this for others as well.

  5. Put your purse or wallet near the appliance. Like #2 above, you're not leaving your house without your ID and cash. When you find it, you'll know why it was there.

    When you remember your purse, you'll remember to check your appliance.

  6. Give the house a once-over before you go to bed. Check every room. The time will be well spent and you won't wind up getting out of bed to check.

  7. If you're worried about whether you've left your car doors/window open (hubby did this one time – ALL the windows and the moon roof - and it almost ruined his new car), check before you go to bed. I've gone outside many times in my jammies just before retiring, only to find out my daughter, unbeknownst to me, had left her window open a sliver. Thank goodness I checked!

    Remembering is sometimes hard.  Everyone needs tools to help!

Everyone is so busy these days, it's no wonder we don't forget more! It's always better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully, using these tips will save you some worry and reassure yourself that you're smarter and more aware than you think!


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  1. Great ideas! I'm pretty good about remembering the oven/ stove, but I'm HORRIBLE at remembering to change over the laundry--I'll definitely be using some of these to help me out there.

  2. Whoa these are so smart! I needed to do one of these today. As I was doing the dishes this evening after my boyfriend left, I realized that the stove light was still on, and we had never turned off the stove after using it! Eek! Thankfully it was only on low since we were warming soup, but that could have been really bad!


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