Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 Thought Provoking Columbus Day Resources For Adults And Teens - Can You Say "Hmmmmm"?

Columbus definitely had an impact on the world...
Columbus Day is this Monday and, being of Italian descent, I thought I'd search for some fascinating websites and articles which give a more balanced view of Columbus than the trite “in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue” tales we teach our kids:

  • – This site point out that, contrary to what we were taught, Mr. Columbus didn't “discover” America, but rather re-discovered it since people were already living her. It also provides information on all four of his voyages and his death – he was 54 when he died. 

  • – This link is to The American Thinker's article on Columbus which presents him not as pure good, but not as pure evil, either. Did he destroy a native paradise? Perhaps, but maybe that “paradise” wasn't as good as originally thought. This is a fascinating article which will really get you thinking!

  • – Read this intriguing essay by Dinesh D'Souza who points out that, despite Columbus' crimes, many of the Native American tribes he encountered on his voyages were less than angelic themselves and were, in fact, known for their brutality. In the midst of setting blame for what the Europeans did, should we, in fact, be looking at the repercussions of Columbus' discoveries? It's one viewpoint.

  • – This tidy article from TheologyOnline asks whether Columbus was really a villain or whether the European discovery of American was inevitable.  If he hadn't "discovered" the New World, would someone even worse have?

  • – Read 5 Misconceptions About Columbus and you'll understand that Columbus wasn't just an idiot who got lost and was made famous for it and nor was he a devil. Perhaps the truth about this man lies somewhere in the middle.

No matter how you feel about Columbus, it can't be denied that he influenced the world. After you read the articles above you, like me, will have a more balanced view of this explorer.  (Tip:  Asking your teenager whether Columbus was "good" or "bad" should spark an interesting debate.  Give it a try!)

I'm proud to be part Italian...maybe not so proud of fellow Pisan Columbus, though...

Thank you for reading!  Come back again, won't you?  

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