Monday, May 19, 2014 – An Invaluable Site If You're A Parent Who Has Cancer

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“You have cancer.” Those are words no one wants to hear, let alone a parent with small children. Yet, Jen Singer heard those words when she was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2007. This mother of two young sons tried to steer her kids through her rounds of chemotherapy and radiation while looking for a comprehensive reference place for parents to find helpful information. When she couldn't find either books or a website that provided what she was looking for, she swore that if she made it to remission, she would start such a site.

That's how came to be. It's “the place where moms and dads can go to find out how to tell their children the words they never thought they’d have to say, 'I have cancer.'” It discusses the initial diagnosis, the emotions the family will deal with, treatments the patient may face, and life changes that will need to be made. The site provides a safe place where people can share their stories and seeks to reassure parents and kids going through this ordeal that you are not alone.

Ms. Singer's website contains several sections, among them:

  • A Parent's Section, which tells the personal stories of parents who had cancer and how they dealt with having a family and navigating the illness.
  • A Spouses & Caregivers' Section, with even more personal stories about cancer patients and their loved ones. I especially liked the posting on Why Protecting Your Kids From Your Cancer Can Hurt Them.
  • A section For Children, which contains postings like My Parent Had Cancer And It Really Sucked and When Mom Or Dad Has Cancer

The site also contains a Reference page of invaluable resources you may not find anywhere else. tackles conversations you might not want to have, but once you have cancer, will need to. It helps patients face, head on, topics that may appear taboo and provides courage and guidance when those topics need to be addressed. Ms. Singer's site is invaluable to anyone facing a diagnosis of cancer and their loved ones as well. Check it out, bookmark it, and then pass it along to someone who might need it. 

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