Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 Ideas For Non-Candy Goody Bag Fillers

My daughter went to a birthday party and, as is often the case, came home with a small bag of candy. She was pleased while I was not. Between Easter and birthdays, how much candy does a kid really need? Sure, we give some to our local Food Bank, but every time she has a birthday, I brainstorm what to put in those goody bags instead of candy. Here's what I've come up with:

  1. Lip gloss and Chapstick – All of the girls right now are very fond of Eos lip balms which look like balls, but are actually very good for chapped lips (I keep one in the car for myself).
  2. Pens and pencils – Yes, you probably already have a bunch of them, but these things get lost pretty quickly, too. They're always handy to have around and you can always pilfer them from your kids for your purse.
  3. Mini-notebooks and pens – Again, handy to have and great to pilfer for your pocket or pocketbook.
  4. Hand sanitizer – My daughter uses this right after Gymnastics since the mats and such are usually filthy. Get one that clips to backpacks or gym bags and you'll make parents very happy.
  5. Chalk – Tis the season for drawing outside. Chalk gets used up fairly quickly and my kids never seem to have enough, so I'm always grateful when I see this in a goody bag.
  6. Post-Its – My kids love leaving sticky notes for themselves around the house. Post-Its are great for everyone.
  7. Bubbles – One of those across-gender goody bag fillers which is great for keeping in the car for when your kids go to the park. I used to keep a few bottles in my purse to keep daughter amused whenever we went to Little League games to watch her brother.
  8. Small packages of microwave popcorn – These are great for parents to include (popped, of course) in lunches. My kids LOVE popcorn!
  9. Hair accessories and brushes – You can get some great compact able hair brushes at the Dollar Store and what little girl doesn't lose a ton of hair accessories – you can never have enough.
  10. Small water bottles – Water is the essence of life, right? Enough said.

Most of the items above are fairly cheap and if you use brown paper bags as goody bags (let your kids decorate them with crayons and stickers), it cuts the cost even more. Remember: don't fall into the common practice of outdoing other parents at parties. Keep it simple and practical. Kids want A goody bag. Sometimes what's in it is secondary.


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