Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Bizarre Gift Ideas From

R2 Fish School - Train that guppy!

With so many occasions coming up including Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, weddings, and assorted birthdays, I've been scouring the Web for gift ideas. It seems every website that wants your money, and they all do, generously offers suggestions.

I recently discovered the site where you can “find the perfect gift, every time.” There, you can search for presents according to personality, gender, age, occasion, etc. and the site makes suggestions based on ideas culled from all over the Web. I took the Personality Test to find the "perfect gift" for a family member and found the test fascinating  because, at least for adults, after you select which gender your target recipient is, it breaks down the ages as follows: Young Adult, 30+, or Senior. I was aghast because apparently, if you're anywhere over 30 years old, you're considered a senior citizen.  Seriously people?!!

Anyway, I discovered a multitude of products there which I found somewhat amusing including:

  1. R2 Fish School – The kit contains everything you need to train your fish. Honestly, I didn't know fish could be trained and, personally, the thought of training my daughter's Beta (the most boring creature on the planet), gives me a heartburn, but based on the product reviews I read, apparently people are using this kit to train not only fish, but other pets as well. More power to those folks and kudos to the inventors. I could see getting this for a child or teen who loves fish as it would get a technology addict off the electronics. A silly gift, but I guess it has some merit.
  2. Sky Rocket Fuze Wheel Writer – LED pictures appear in your bike wheel as you pedal. Not sure why you'd need this and according to some of the reviews, you need to be pedaling at least 10 miles an hour for anyone to see the pictures. Still, I suppose if you ride a lot, especially at night, this might be cool. I have to wonder, however, if having something on your bike makes it more susceptible to the bike being stolen.
  3. Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages – Yes, they now make band-aids that look like bacon strips. Probably a novelty for those who love bacon, but why you'd want to be seen with a strip of bacon sticking to your arm or leg is beyond me. As long as the bandages don't smell like bacon, there's probably no harm, but if they do, God help the recipient! Every dog in the neighborhood would be pulling these things off the wound!
  4. Midnight Munchies Bundle – For those who can't just raid the house for junk food comes this bacon-heavy bundle consisting of maple bacon popcorn pecan bacon snacks, gummy bacon, bacon lollipops, etc. Priced at about $50,  a bag of Doritos is a lot cheaper.
  5. Tic-Tac-Truck – I guess some people just don't want to play Tic-Tac-Toe on paper, so someone came up with the idea of the game on a toy truck. The bed of the truck is the board and it comes with 11 removable pieces (or “people”). Priced at about $54, a great gift for those who have too much money. Look for it at your local garage sale because I think that's where it would be headed.
  6. Looks Like Mr. Tee Infant Bodysuit – A $28 onesie with an image of Mr. Tee. Enough said.
  7. The Unholy Gift Box – Blasphemous? Definitely. But some of the items contained in this gift box were worth a chuckle including the Jesus bandages, Santa dreidel (great for interfaith families), and especially, the official Passport To Hell which is perfect for your favorite politician.
  8. Urbano Trash Can
    Urbano Trash Can – This interesting product allows you to re-use plastic bags you get at the grocery store. It's listed under the category “Activist Gifts For Teenage Guys” and what I find ironic is that those same guys would probably just want you to make a donation to their favorite cause instead of contributing to the manufacturing of another product, even if it is made from recycled polypropylene.
  9. Meditation Box – It's a box that contains some sand and, presumably, a barrier which allows you to draw on the sand with a stylus. It's supposed to help you with meditation and serves as an “escape at your desk.” Save the $85 and go get a massage instead.
  10. Cardboard Cat Teepee – When just a plain box won't do for your favorite feline, this teepee gives your cat a place to hide. Considering that my cat likes to jump into paper grocery bags, the laundry basket, and any box we bring home, I just don't understand this item. If you want to make a pretty box for your cat, give the kids a box from the grocery store and some crayons. Let them go wild at a fraction of the cost.

As to the site, it's a nice site with tons of ideas worth taking a look at. Again, take a gander, get some suggestions, and then comparison shop to see if you can get those gifts somewhere else or make them on your own, if you can.


Thanks for reading!  Here, in the Northeast, we're getting hit with TONS of rain, so I'll be building an ark for the rest of the day.  Check back in with me in a day or two and I'll offer you an olive branch (some Noah humor, okay?).  Oh, and please visit and enter our "Heroes Of The City" giveaway.   

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