Friday, March 20, 2015

Texting Acronyms For Savvy Parents

I thought I was a “cool mom texter' who knew most of the texting acronyms until my teenager threw me a curve ball the other day. “Going to FOAF. L&R.”

Huh? By the time I'd Googled the meaning of those letters, he'd already gone to a “Friend Of A Friend” despite his “Love & Respect.” Not good. I was not comfortable with him going to a friend of a friend's house, so I quickly called him and put a kibosh on his plans.

Knowing texting acronyms helps you communicate with your child.

For you parents who might also be clueless about the meaning of some of those cryptic messages beyond, LOL and BTW, I offer these texting acronyms you might receive and decide to use:

143 – I love you

1432 – I love you, too

CMB – Call me back

CMBN – Call me back NOW

HAK – Hugs and kisses

GYAH – Get your ass home

IDC- I don't care

IDK – I don't know

ITA/D – I totally agree/disagree

NAGI – Not a good idea

NYRN – No you are not

RN – Right now

RUOK – Are you okay?

WRUD – What are you doing?

Just because you're taller than me, doesn't mean you know more than me!

As my experience pointed out, staying on top of this terminology is important if we expect to keep up with our children. 

They think we're texting idiots – let's prove them wrong!

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