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Should You Buy e-cloth? A Multi-Pack Product Review

Please note that although I was given this complimentary Value Pack for opinion purposes, it did not in ANY way sway my review. Whether I like it or hate it, I'm going to be honest!

e-cloths 8-Piece Kitchen Starter Set

When the folks over at e-cloth asked me to review their products, I was thrilled. No one hates cleaning more than I do and I'm always looking for ways to get it done faster and easier. Upon learning that I had my choice of products to choose from, I was giddy at the chance to review their 8-piece Kitchen Starter Set. I mean, what gets dirtier, daily, than my tiny, kitchen that everyone messes up? 

Now, first about e-cloth. Their niche is chemical-free cleaning with the goal of their line “to clean differently in order to clean better with less effort, and make your home safer by eliminating toxic chemicals.” Cool. I'm all for that. The cloths are composed of polyester and nylon which trap dirt within the fiber, collecting bacteria from surfaces, not killing it. So they scrape surfaces at a microbial level. E-cloth claims that the cloths “remove over 99% of bacteria” from hard surfaces and, when you run the cloths under hot water, all of .01% of that junk is released from the cloth into your sink, so you're not transferring the bacteria onto clean surfaces. 

Here's what the Kitchen Starter Set looks like, in (pictured below) and out (pictured above) of the packaging:

It consists of:

Two  Glass & Polishing Cloths
Two Classic Check Kitchen Towels (One Red / One Blue)
One Washing Up Pad
One Cleaning Pad
One Kitchen Cloth with Scrubbing Pocket
One Range & Stovetop Cloth

So here are my reviews in the order of products above:  

Glass & Polishing Cloths – I used one of these on the tempered glass door to my oven and it cleaned the glass easily, without much scrubbing. But where I REALLY tested this was in my downstairs washroom.   My husband is big Neti Pot user and manages to get goo all over the mirrored wall. Again, cleaning the mirror was easy and the cloth didn't leave any streaks or lint. It got caked-on toothpaste off the mirror as well and make the chrome faucet look like new. When I was done, I just washed the cloth off in hot water and hung it on the towel rack to dry – AFTER I took the cloth out to the car to clean fingerprints off my windows.  It cleaned the carpool's fingerprints off like magic!

The e-cloth got these disgusting drops off the mirror easily.

Kitchen Towels – I use a lot of fabric towels in the kitchen to reduce the amount of paper towels we blast through. The e-cloth kitchen towels are heavy, lush, and absorbent. When my dishwasher leaked, I was astounded at how much water the towel soaked up in a matter of seconds!

Wash Up Pad – My favorite of the e-cloth products, as mentioned, my dishwasher isn't the best and I often wind up doing dishes by hand. The wash up pad is LARGE, so it's great for scrubbing large pans. Since I burn food, more than cook it, I tried the pad on some caked-on fried egg. With very little effort, I got sparkling results (see below). I LOVE this pad!

Before the e-cloth

After the e-cloth

Kitchen Cloth With Scrubbing Pocket – If you've got kids, chances are there are fingerprints on the outside of your fridge. I know which kid belongs to which set of prints because the Teen is now much taller than his little sister. The Kitchen Cloth removed fingerprints from the refrigerator lickety-split and even took off some unidentifiable stains from the bottom of the fridge. Where this cloth really shined, however, was (like one of the other cloths) in the bathroom!  It cleaned the bathtub in a minute and removed all kinds of gunk (shaving cream, toothpaste,  God knows what else) from the sink without any scrubbing.

Range & Stovetop Cloth – I don't think the knobs to my stove had been cleaned in years. This cloth got the grease off and make the range look like new. 

 Dirty knobs...
Clean knobs

So, yes, I liked each and every one of these products. They got things sparkling, with minimum effort, fast. But what about the price of the Kitchen Starter Set?

At first, I thought the $49.99 cost was exorbitant. Then started to think about how much different cleaners I use cost, their toxicity, and what I spend on scrubbers, kitchen towels, etc. 

The e-cloth products are high-quality, use no chemicals, and I firmly believe are money-savers.

To learn more about e-cloth, visit them at

Oh, and on my Mother's Day List, there will definitely be items from their ebody Spa Collection, specifically their Face Cleansing Mitt. 

I have complete confidence that I'll be happy with anything I order from e-cloth.

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