Monday, March 2, 2015

Heroes Of The City On YouTube

Last year on the other website I write for, The Geek Parent, I reviewed the Heroes Of The City Baby (read my review here). Even before that, I'd reviewed the Heroes Of The City app aimed at preschoolers (read that review here). In a nutshell, this series is great because unlike others, it boasts both a male and female lead character, with each being a brave and role-model in his and her own right.

Now, Heroes Of The City have their very own YouTube Channel for the preschool set!

This channel provides more than 6 hours of entertainment for boys and girls alike to enjoy watching their favorite HOTC characters become heroes in compelling stories about what it means to be a hero, friendship, and teamwork. 

Check it out and watch it with your child. Heroes Of The City can generate some wonderful discussions between you and your child on the topics of helping, what a hero is, and how we can affect the lives of others every day. 

Thank you for reading!!!!

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