Friday, February 27, 2015

Avoid These 5 Email Mistakes

Most of us check our email every day and although, to some degree, email is intuitive, it's still a form of communication with Dos and Don'ts.

Here are 5 Common Email Mistakes 
we all need to avoid:

  1. Not Using A Greeting – Addressing someone by name still applies in email, just as it does when writing a letter. Addressing someone with a simple “Good morning, Allison!” or “Dear Principal Wood” adds professionalism to your correspondence and sets the tone for the rest of the communication.

  2. Understanding When Email Is/Is Not The Right Form Of Communication – There are times when email is absolutely justified as a mode of communication and others when it's not. Delivering bad news and providing constructive criticism may be done best in person or via the phone. There are situations when you simply need to be with someone in person to give them more information that they can see for themselves (i.e. body language, expression). Using email in those circumstances can be viewed as a cop-out and may actually hinder the message you're trying to deliver.

  3. Using Chat Language – Abbreviations are just plain lazy and should not be used when writing an email. Sure, LOL is acceptable when texting, but email is a longer form of communication. People may not be aware of certain abbreviations and may not understand what you're talking about. Don't leave it to chance – spell it out.

  4. Forgetting To Double-Check Before You Hit “Send” - We've all sent emails to the wrong person unintentionally. And I HATE it when I find a typo in an email I've already sent. Always check that you're sending your communication to the right person, that you’ve spell-checked, and that your information is correct.

  5. Rambling – With vast quantities of email we get, composing an effective email is crucial. Greet, get to the point, and write a simple closing (“Hoping to hear from you,” or “Good luck”).

If you're going email, do it right! Avoid the mistakes above to be a better communicator and have your message received.

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