Thursday, January 1, 2015

Which Tips & Life Hacks Worked For Me Last Year

Since I've just joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge which asks that you write every day for, I think, at least the next month, there will be a lot more material on this blog. That means I'd better get my tushy in gear finding life hacks, recipes, tips, etc. that I can actually recommend. 

I am always on the lookout for tips & life hacks that make things easier.  Life is too short to spend it reinventing the wheel!

Not to toot my own horn, but in looking over my posts last year,

I think these proved most valuable to the majority of readers.

10 Indoor Activities To Do With Kids – I'd forgotten how much snow we'd already had by the time I wrote this one. It's also nice to see the snow sculptures my daughter made last year.

A Lazy Mom's Guide To Winter Decorating – Next week I'll be ripping the Christmas stuff down and taking out some of my Winter stuff. This post offers a link to a great tutorial on making paper snowflakes.

How To Find Family-Friendly Trips InYour Area  – Based on the blast we recently had at The Turkey Hill Experience in which we learned how to make ice cream (review coming up), I'll be looking for more companies that offer tours. And now that money is especially tight, the tips offered in this post are even more appealing.

5 Ways To Prepare For Spring  – Assuming we survive what's being predicted as an upcoming Snowmageddon, these serve as good reminders on what needs to be done before Spring.

Mom's 'Must Dos' Before The Kids Get Out Of School – Again, a nice checklist of what needs to be done before the troops are out for Summer.

Posting information means I have to research that data and really think about what might be useful to other parents. This is stuff I talk about with the moms I meet as we try to figure out this parenting-gig. I hope some of these posts help you. And stay tuned – there's a lot more coming up this year!

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