Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Ways To Prepare For Spring

The mounds of snow are ever so gradually shrinking, here, in the Northeast.  The crocuses are starting to bloom, I actually saw kids playing basketball outside, and Diva has turned her attention fully toward Spring.  I am, too, but in a different way.  You can’t just, well, spring into Spring. 
There’s preparation to do to insure that the things you’ll need in the warmer weather will work properly. 

Here are some ways I like to prep for this long-anticipated season:

1.      Prepare sports equipment. Take out those bicycles. Pump up the tires, spray lubricant on the chain, and adjust the seat to compensate for your child’s certain growth since the Fall (for more on how to prep your bike, click here.).  Also, pump up the basketballs and any other balls you’ll need.  You never know when the days will warm up enough for you to use them!

2.      Check your gas grill for leaks in the hoses (more on this at from the good folks at Consumer Reports) and make sure you have enough propane.   

3.      Assess the outside of your house for repairs you may need to do in the Spring.  Check the front steps for cracking, the driveway, patio, etc.  Doing this gives you time to research any contractors you’ll need and ample time to interview them and get estimates.

4.      Get out the lawn furniture and give it a good cleaning.  Here’s a link to the DIY Network that explains how.

5.      Inspect your swing set for cracks, splinters, rust, etc. before the kids get hurt!  There’s a wonderful checklist that goes into great detail here.


Taking time to do these things now means more time to relax and enjoy the warmer weather when it arrives.  


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