Friday, December 26, 2014

Watch Your Garbage & Recycling - Thieves Are!

Today is Garbage Day in my neighborhood. And how convenient for it to fall the day after Christmas! Everyone has put out their trash cans, full of wrapping paper, etc. On the sides of the houses you can spot their Paper Recycling, just waiting to be picked up early next week. Some of the boxes show kids' toys, but some show expensive items like big screen televisions and computers. 

And if I know they're in your house, guess what? SO DO THIEVES!

Burglars are looking at your garbage & recycling for possible targets!

Thieves may be cruising your neighborhood looking for telltale signs of big ticket items. And, like Santa did, they're making a list or at least making a mental note of it. So what can you do?

  • Don't leave boxes on the side of your house so everyone can see what you got. If possible, leave them in the garage or some other place.

  • Don't put those boxes out first thing in the morning on recycling day unless you're POSITIVE the collection people come at the crack of dawn. This gives burglars less time to peruse your trash.

  • Break down the boxes and place them in your recycling containers. At the very least, hide the lettering on the boxes so no one can see what was in them.

The less people know about your stuff, hopefully, the less they'll know it's in your house and can be stolen. 

Don't advertise your belongings to lessen the possibility of your home being a target for thieves!

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