Wednesday, November 19, 2014

6 Ways You CAN Look Good When You've Got A Cold

I came down to breakfast this morning and my husband gasped in horror. “Your nose – it's bright red and bulbous,” he exclaimed. Yeah, love you, too, you moron. I knew I looked terrible. I felt terrible and had cringed when I looked in the mirror this morning, but I just cannot shake this cold. Still, I have a job interview today and need to look decent. 

It's easier than you think to look good when you've got a cold!

So, after doing a little research and a bit of experimenting, here are 6 ways I found to not only look human, but good, when you have a cold:

  • Combat puffy eyes with caffeinated tea bags. I look like I've been in a boxing ring, so I took two cold, wet teabags, placed them over my eyes, and laid down for about 15 minutes. The caffeine constricted the blood vessels and, combined with the coldness of the bags, reduced the puffiness. 

  • Use lubricating eye drops to cool your eyes, reduce redness, and get rid of that bloodshot look. Just plain eye drops – not antihistamines.  These felt WONDERFUL, too!

    My nose looked so bad that some kid starting singing "Rudolph The Red-Nosed-Reindeer" when he saw me in the grocery store this morning.  :((

  • Play up your eyes. Make eyes look brighter by lining the inner corner of your eyes with white eye shadow or liner and use neutral shadows to play up your eyes. My goal was to take the viewer's attention off my Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer nose and emphasize my eyes. I used not only the white shadow and neutral tones (staying AWAY from anything remotely pink), but took out the eyelash curler to make my lashes look bigger. 

  • Use concealer on your nose. Sure, this is obvious. The harder part was really blending it in so that it covered the crimson but didn't look caked on. I also used a cream makeup, rather than powder which actually drew attention to my proboscis.  

  • Ditch the blush and opt for a bronzer. Blush only reinforced any redness on my face whereas bronzer gave me a bit of a glow so I looked healthier than I felt. 

    Looking good helps me feel a tad better when I have a cold.

  • Use lip gloss rather than  a colored lipstick. My lips were chapped as a result of my cold, so I used lip gloss to hydrate them and by not calling attention to my lips, the emphasis was, again, on my eyes. 

Lastly, I stuck a bottle of water in my purse because it's especially important to stay hydrated when you're sick. I'm glad I did, because the woman interviewing me was 20 minutes late and the waiting area was painfully dry. 

Outside of the tea bags, none of the above took more than a few minutes and they were easy to do.
I looked good on the interview and nailed it. Rather than being fixated on my nose, the hiring manager kept looking me in the eyes. And even though I realize I don't want this particular job, I learned that just because I'm sick doesn't mean I can't look attractive.

I really believe in the whole "fake it till you make it" mantra where you fake looking better in the hopes that it will make you feel better.  In this case, it worked because looking better helped me feel more confident during the interview.  

Give these tips a shot and tell me how they worked for you!  Thanks for visiting!

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