Friday, October 24, 2014

What To Do If You Don't Celebrate Halloween

You can still celebrate Fall even if you don't celebrate Halloween! 

While my kids and I have always been into Halloween, my husband is NOT.  He hates it, seeing it as a wanton occasion when children are given permission to beg and inflict decay on their teeth; he always makes sure he works late that day.  Like him, I've met families over the years who don't like Halloween.  Maybe it's for religious reasons or personal ones, but they just don't participate in the holiday and don't want their children to, either.

So what can you do on Halloween if you don't celebrate it? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do something to celebrate Fall. Go apple or pumpkin picking, enjoy a hay ride, let the kids collect leaves, find a corn maze or attend a Fall festival. 

  2. Host a Fall party or throw a sleepover for other families who don't celebrate.

  3. Have an destination and/or fun activities planned.  Go bowling, to the movies, to the mall, have a treasure hunt in your backyard or turn your porch light off and hang an “out of candy” sign on your door to make that night a “family” night with plenty of games. What a blast!

  4. If your kids are old enough, you might want to venture to a special restaurant (anything that doesn't serve Happy Meals) where there's less of a chance meeting trick-or-treaters.

Remember, as well, that you can always throw a costume party so your kids get the benefit of dressing up – just don't throw the costume party in October so you disassociate it with Halloween.

Halloween is an optional holiday. You don't HAVE to celebrate it. Try some of the activities above to make the day special for your kids. You'll be making memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.

Halloween is not a mandatory holiday!

Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to Halloween? Share! Share! Share!


  1. I don't mind Halloween, but it's not my favorite holiday. Most of my friends go out and get drunk at costume parties and it's just not for me. I love the idea of a Fall party for others like me and actually have some pretty fun ideas for one as a event coordinator. Going to have to try this for next year!
    - Kelly Ann Earls

  2. I love Halloween, but I think your ideas all sound fun, too - #2 and #3 especially!


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