Thursday, September 25, 2014

Because Of His Snarkastic Remarks, Here's What We're Having For Rosh Hashanah Dinner

I fully admit that I am not a good cook. I know it, I laugh about it, and the point has been driven home by my husband who, over the years, has made the following snarky comments about my lack of culinary skills:

  • “This kitchen should be called the 'House Of Ptomaine'.”
  • “Giving the kids this chicken would be tantamount to child abuse.”
  • “You know, this lacks just one thing – flavor.”
  • “Buy wraps for Junior. Don't even ATTEMPT to make them.”
  • “Oh. You cooked.”
  • “What did you burn this time?”
  • “Where's the Pepto Bismol? I wanna have it beside me when I eat.”
  • “What IS this crap, errr, food?”

With those kinds of comments, when it comes to cooking for hubby, I don't make much of an effort. Honestly, if Purina made Husband Chow, I'd serve it to him seven nights a week. So I was less than enthusiastic when he announced that he wanted a “special” dinner for Rosh Hashanah tonight.

I checked the websites I'd recently written about (read that post here) and thought, “why bother?” So here's what we're having for tonight's “special” dinner:

Matzoh Ball Soup – I bought the mix and this soup is popular with the whole family.  It's a no-brainer that everyone, even my daughter, will eat.

Meat Loaf In The Crock-Pot – I threw together some ground turkey, tomato paste, a jar of sweet potato baby food (for the benefit of my son who doesn't eat enough veggies), and some seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs.  It's cooking as I type.  

Spinach Salad – Pre-bought from the store.

Sauteed Mushrooms With Bread Crumbs – I bought the pre-sliced mushrooms and will saute them in my frying pan with seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs.  Junior likes these.

Pumpkin Bread – Pillsbury's Pumpkin Quick Bread is a staple in my house, especially in the Fall. Junior LOVES it and I sneak in some vegetable baby foods and flax seeds for extra nutrition.

With Lily having gymnastics tonight, the “special dinner” will be brief. I think it will be good. I hope it will be tasty. If not, I'm looking forward to more “snarkasm” from my husband.

Oh, and PS:  No one has died, yet, as a result of tonight's dinner.  Take THAT, dear!


Please note: Hubby approved the use of all of his comments for this post.

Shana Tova! 

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