Sunday, September 21, 2014

10 Things Most Responsible Moms Would Never Say (But I Sometimes Do)


  1. “Sure, you can have ice cream for breakfast.” Okay, I say this, but only on their birthdays.
  2. “Yes, you can skip school. I used to do that all the time, too.”
  3. “Feel free to text all you want during family dinner. Conversation and togetherness are so overrated.”
  4. “No, you don't have to change your underwear. It should be good for another two weeks.”
  5. “You need money? Take everything you need from my purse. In fact, here's my credit card. Go to town!”

  6. “Let's go on a shopping spree. Price is no object.” I say this, but only at the Dollar Store. 
  7. “Carrot cake counts as all the vegetables you need.”
  8. “Sure, your girlfriend can come over. Just close your bedroom door so I don't bother you.”
  9. “Yes, you can keep the rat you found near the garbage as a pet.”
  10. “Do whatever you want, whenever you want. I trust you.”

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