Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Fantastic Product Reviews (Some Of THE BEST PRESENTS We Received For Christmas)

(Please Note: The website Bloggy Moms lists writing prompts with challenges for bloggers to write about various subjects. The prompts are interesting and fun, so I've accepted the January Blog Dare and will periodically be responding to them, though not today. My Product Reviews & Tips will always appear first so that you can read those first in case you'd rather not peruse further.)

Christmas yielded some incredibly amusing and useful presents this year and I feel compelled to share my three favorite items with you. They're not in any particular order because all are being used heavily thus far. The items are: 

A Re-Usable Travel Coffee Mug – I drink a lot of coffee and tea in the Winter and was always using those Styrofoam “To-Go” cups so I could bring hot beverages in the car. (BTW, I recently realized that those cups are really sippy cups for adults. It was yet another DUH moment in my life...) Styrofoam cups aren't good for the environment and they can be a little pricey, even if you buy them at Costco. A few weeks ago, I noticed the cup below in my local grocery store, bought it for myself, and have been using it daily ever since. It's ceramic, so it's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and the rubber top (not pictured) doesn't get grungy like some others do. I think it cost about $6 and has been worth every penny!


Spot-It – This game was about $7 on Amazon and I ordered it after reading the glowing reviews listed on the website. Still, I was a bit nervous when Diva opened it because she hadn't asked for it and sometimes what other people think of something falls flat with your kid. Fortunately, this did not. Spot-It is a card game for players ages 7 and up and can be played with two to eight players. The cards contain different symbols   ( hearts, a hand, an apple, etc.) and there is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards in the game. Your job is to match a symbol on your card with the symbol on another card. Sounds simple, right? Well it is, but the symbols are different sizes which makes them less obvious; for this reason, you can be staring at your card for a good 30 seconds without realizing that the matching picture is right there in your hand! Spot-It is a game of observation which is oodles of fun.  We played the game with Nana on Christmas and even brought it on a recent trip. It's one of the few games that Teen and Diva will actually play together. I'll be buying several to give out as party presents this year.

WiiFit Plus – I asked for this for Christmas since I'm getting a bit bored with my current exercise equipment.  The kids and I have been playing the various games every day since. It comes with the WiiFit board and features different activities to help with balance, strength, etc. I'm not thrilled with the massive, round avatar it gave me based on my weight and because of that, I tend to give her the finger every time I see her, but most of the games themselves are a blast. Some can be played by all family members and we're informally competing in different games to see who can upset the others (I unexpectedly blew past Diva this morning when we participated in some hula-hoop activity – yeah me!). The first few times I played, I had to ask the Teen to help me set the system up, but finally got the knack of it.  WiiFit Plus also monitors your weight but you can set up a password so no one can see it when they play (THANK GOD!). One of the activities I'm really loving is the one where you can “go for a run.” The graphics distract me from the tedium of running and I set up my little trampoline (not included) in the den and pretend I'm running on the Wii course; it would be nice to be able to choose the “venue” where I'm running, but I can live with what it's showing me. This may be the most useful gift I've ever received. Thanks, Hubby!

I so appreciate your visit! Please feel free to comment and be sure to check back in in a day or so when I'll share indoor activities you can do with your kids this Winter. We had a foot of snow in this area of the country last night and since I'm now snowed in with the young'uns, I'm brainstorming ways to keep Diva amused. I'll let you know how I fared...IF I do.....

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