Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Suggestions For A Woman Going Through Menopause

Menopause can be a particularly stressful time for a woman. Much as in adolescence, her body is doing some crazy, unexpected things and her hormones are, shall we say, wonky.  So what can you get her that, hopefully, won't get you hit with a 2'x4' or worse? Here are some suggestions:
  1. A LARGE reusable water bottle. Hot flashes may come fast and furious. Those of  us in this phase of life get thirsty! A pretty, easy-to-clean water bottle is a practical, thoughtful gift that doesn't scream, “Hey, Honey! I see you're going through The Change.” Everyone drinks water these days and this gift is just plain thoughtful. I
    These re-usable water bottles are pretty & practical!
    found the ones in the photo in my local grocery store.
  2. Green Tea With Gingko & Ginseng. This phase of life can make a woman a bit forgetful. Various studies have indicated that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink and Salada's Brain Boost tea contains ginkgo (which is supposed to be good for memory) and ginseng (which allegedly boosts energy). I buy it at my local grocery store but Amazon also sells a similar product.
  3. Fitness Equipment. Exercise is great for all aspects of health, so give her a piece of equipment she'll like. Just be sure to emphasize that you're giving her the equipment for the health benefits since she's already at the perfect weight. Honestly, I'm asking for WiiFit this holiday season because I'm tired of the few pieces of equipment I have.  It will also be be good for the whole family.
  4. Something With A Lavender Fragrance. Whether it's a cologne spray, oil, or moisturizer, lavender has been proven to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Try getting her a small bottle of moisturizer and if she likes it, buy her more – stat!
  5. A Small, Portable Fan. As I said, hot flashes can come at any time. Having a small, hand-held fan at the ready is mighty nice. When giving it to the lady, explain that some environments, even in the winter, can be warmer than others and you want her to be comfortable, no matter where she is.
  6. Food. Unfortunately, the same foods one craves during menopause (like caffeine, alcohol, and sugary and spicy foods) can trigger hot flashes. You do not, however, want to get between a female and her craving! Buy her an “emergency” basket of coffee and/or chocolate that she can munch on at will.
  7. Clothes made from moisture wicking material. When your temperature varies, having clothes that you can wear in layers that also carry moisture away from your skin help. To learn more about fabrics that wick moisture, visit You can find clothes with this material at stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and even which carries some office-worthy pieces. For moisture wicking night gowns, visit
  8. Tickets to Menopause The Musical. There's a reason this “celebration of women and the change” is a worldwide hit. Whether it's a professional or amateur production, buy her tickets and give her the option of going with friends or with you. Learn more at
In researching products for this post, I came across several sites that carry “humorous” gifts for the menopausal woman. I didn't include them in the body of the post because my goal is to help you choose a gift that won't cause a rift between you and the lady in question and because I wanted to list thoughtful items that, hopefully, won't get you hurt. Some of the sites contain genuinely cute things, but personally, I wouldn't want to advertise to the world via a t-shirt that I was going through The Change. Nevertheless, if you'd like to take a look at some of this merchandise, the links are:

There are also sites that list various “remedies” for menopause; one of them is Amazon sells a similar basket at

Again, if you're choosing a gift to address this phase of a woman's life, present while you let her know you're honestly trying to help. Be gentle and loving. Happy gifting!

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