Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Ways To Celebrate Leap Day 2016 (It's THIS Monday)

This Monday is special – after all, it's only every four years that there's a February 29! Yes, 2016 is a leap year in which an extra day is “added” to keep us in sync with the solar calendar (aka the time it takes the earth to make a complete orbit around the sun). While we think of a year as being 365 days long, it's actually 365 and ¼ days long. Thus, to even it all out, an extra day is added with this Monday being The Big Day.

 Here are some suggestions on 
how to celebrate this Leap Day:

  • Try something different. This is an extraordinary day, so why not do something out of the ordinary? Nibble on a new food, bust a new move (in the gym or any place), speak to a new person, try your hair a different way, learn a new word, etc.

  • Make this Leap Year Cocktail.

  • Write a letter to yourself that you'll open in four years, outlining what you'd like to accomplish in that brief span of time. Better yet, write a letter to your kids that they can open in four years!

  • Check out this Leap Year Trivia. 

  • Do something that you probably should do every few years that can be accomplished in a day, like paint the front door, clear out the attic, or purge those old papers.  

    Jump into this Leap Day by doing something different!

Special days beg for something extraordinary. Deviate from the norm just a bit, for one day. You'll be happy you did!

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