Friday, August 21, 2015

Jenkinson's Promises, And Delivers, FUN!

Disclosure:  Please note that I was given free passes to this venue in exchange for blogging about it. While the passes were nice, they did not influence my opinion of the place.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

This whole summer has been an interesting contest of wills: I ask the kids (9 and 15) to get out of the house to do something fun like go to the town pool, a waterpark, Busch Gardens, etc., and they keep looking at their devices and say, “no.” I insist, my voice growing louder and louder, and they dig their heels in. I finally persuade them to pry their eyes from their screens, they go to the places we're going to FOR THEM, and have fun. Fortunately this contest did not happen today when I announced, 

“Let's go to Jenkinson's!” 

So we grabbed Junior's friend, Sam, and trekked down to Point Pleasant nice and early, despite the prediction of thunderstorms, so we'd make it back in time for Diva's gymnastics. Arriving that early also ensured that we'd see my VERY FAVORITE attraction first: Jenkinson's Aquarium!  "'Mommy, look at THIS,” exclaimed Diva as she moved from tank to tank. Her enthusiasm was contagious as she read about piranhas, various types of shark, and just how big some of the fish were. The boys enjoyed the boa constrictor and made fun of a lot of the animals, as teenage boys are wont to do. But I think even they were touched by the story of Lucy, the blind seal, as we watched her and a sea lion being fed. Lucy's disability doesn't hinder her from having a nice life at Jenkinson's and just seeing the bond between her and her trainers is sweet. Diva also had a blast at the Touch Tank, although I was somewhat skeeved by the horseshoe crab (who might have been skeeved by me!). I also loved the penguins and was mistaken when I saw grey, furry-looking one; I thought it was an adolescent. A docent quickly corrected me. The animal in question is their oldest penguin at 29 years old and she was being cuddled by her “boyfriend” who is 2. As I said, I LOVE this aquarium!

School was in session at Jenkinson's!

My daughter touching a starfish.  She petted the horseshoe crab - not I!

Our troop headed over to Castaway Cove for miniature golf, three floors of golfing fun.  Diva immediately got a hole-in-one while the boys scoffed at her “beginner's luck.” She ultimately did lose, and apparently there was a heated discussion about points, but I didn't care. I'd found a bench and a lovely breeze as I listened to Jimmy Buffet over the Cove's speakers. If the kids were bickering, I wasn't listening.

Cheeseburgers in a pail - love this idea from Jenkinson's!

By this time, everyone was hungry, so we headed over to Jenkinson's Pavillion Oceanside Dining where, because there were several restaurants to choose from, we were each able to score what we wanted: a hot dog for Sam, tacos for Junior and me, and a cheeseburger and fries for Diva which was served in pail with shovel. Note to Self: next time, order a kids meal so YOU get a pail and shovel!

After lunch, the boys wanted to go on the rides but I, conscious of the fact that “lunch” and “rides” never produce good results, insisted we hit the the Fun House. This place
is so cool, with mazes of mirrors. After I gracefully smacked into a mirrored wall, I learned to walk with my hands out. The kids, too, were having a good time until they hit the darkened “tunnels” section of the Fun House. Diva grabbed on to her brother when she got a little scared (a lovely mental picture I won't soon forget) and, upon leaving the attraction announced, “That Fun House was NOT fun,” before she begged me to go back in. My son poo-pooed the experience, but all the while there was a twinkle in his eye.

Sorry, Junior!  This clown is taller than you!

While they went on the dizzing, dazzling display of rides, I sat on the Boardwalk, taking in the ocean, doing some people-watching, and sipping a cool drink. Shopping was plentiful and the array of hermit crabs for sale, fascinating.  I was happy just browsing while my kids had a blast on the rides.  

Before we left, the boys played another round of miniature golf while Diva and I went to the Aquarium Gift Shop, in my opinion, the best shopping on the Boardwalk. I happily admired the jewelry while she chose a stuffed animal (a penguin) as a souvenir of the day. 

And what a day! Jenkinson's has become synonymous with “fun” and with good reason: there's something for everyone. We could easily have spent the rest of the day there. And we will: even after school is in session, many of the attractions are open. 

We'll be back!


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  1. I would take my husband and my daughters because they love the rides and playing all of the games.


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