Thursday, February 19, 2015

ULTRAFLOW - An Addicting FREE Game Great For Kids & Adults

Okay, old-time gamers: remember PONG, one of the earliest arcade video games? It was a two-dimensional graphics tennis game that was one of the first to reach mainstream popularity.  It was brilliant in its simplicity, yet it was still a challenge. I remember poo-pooing at how easy the game seemed, only to be frustrated when I missed that stupid little ball. 

In perusing the Play Store the other day, I stumbled upon a game just as minimalistic, as complex, and absolutely addicting as PONG.  It’s called (drumroll, please)….



This free game gives you a limited number of bounces to get the disc through different mazes to the target. There are 99 levels and:

  • there’s no score
  • no timer
  • and the BEST part:  NO ADS or invasive permissions required!


I breezed through the first 8 levels and then started to sweat. Sometimes I found it a little difficult to figure out how to navigate the mazes and my disc broke up.  Grrrrrr! It was frustrating, but I realized that the key wasn’t always speed. Sometimes slowing down helped me achieve my goal.

Again, the graphics are simple so you can really concentrate on the game. The music is also inoffensive and more like white noise. The fact that the background is dark means it saves on battery power and the app boasts almost no memory consumption.

This is a great game for anyone! and I have not been able to put it down!

I especially recommend it for kids since there’s absolutely NOTHING OFFENSIVE to watch out for! No ads and no special permissions make it great for kids 8 and up.

Download it, play it, and then hand your device to your child. The game is optimized for a wide range of phones and tablets and plays beautifully on all.

For more information or to play the web version of the game, visit

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