Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here's A Novel Way To Re-Use Wine Corks AND Candle Wax

Having grown up poor, I try not to waste stuff.  We didn't have much money, so if I wanted something, I'd either have to go without or make it in some way.  My mantra has always been:

There's GOT to be another use for everything!!

Wine corks used to tick me off. I mean, I KNEW they were good for more than just corking wine.   I'd looked at dozens of ideas on Pinterest and even made a less-than-attractive trivet using my corks. 

But recently, when I saw all the melted wax in a candle I'd been burning, I had an EUREKA moment!

Wine corks + discarded candle wax =

I grabbed a few corks and dipped them in the melted wax. After they'd dried, I tried using them in the fireplace to start a fire.

They were easy to make, worked perfectly and helped me re-purpose two materials: melted candle wax and wine corks.


I found this nifty tutorial on how to make firestarters using dryer lint, an empty cardboard egg carton, old candle stubs, dental floss, and scissors.  While I like it and they like like cute little packages, I'm too lazy to make them.  

So I modified thes “recipe” by instead, cutting a cardboard egg carton apart, filling each compartment with dryer lint, and then pouring melted candle wax into the cups. They're not as pretty as the ones in the tutorial, but work well. 

Guess I've GOT to go drink more wine!  


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  1. Linda, this is clever idea you came up with about the wine cork. great article..


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