Saturday, December 13, 2014

Match 8 Hanukkah Game - You'll Find YOURSELF Playing It!

So I was looking for Hanukkah-inspired games for my daughter when I stumbled upon the free Match 8 Hanukkah Game in Google’s Play Store.  The reviews said that it would help children with their math and, indeed, I can see it doing that for younger kids. However,

I’m actually having a lot of fun playing it myself!

Match 8 Is A FUN Hanukkah Game!

As you can see, the directions couldn’t be simpler: just drag the numbered candles to one another to total 8. You need to do it quickly, before the time ends. And, don’t forget to click on the coins you see.
Sure, this can be used to augment match learning in kids, but I’m finding that it’s also a game of speed.

As you climb the levels, you’re combining the numbers and not always getting the ones you want. In the meantime, the candles are burning down.

Multi-tasking and quick thinking is involved.

The music is unoffensive and the Match 8 requires no special permissions, which I LOVE!  You’re not giving away any personal information and the app doesn’t ask for anything other than for you to have fun.


Download it for your kids, but be forewarned: you just might find yourself playing Match 8 Hanukkah as well!


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