Tuesday, December 2, 2014

11 GREAT Uses For Old Wire Coat Hangers – Don't Throw Them Out!

Thanks to hubby's copious amount of dry cleaning, we have a TON of wire coat hangers around the house. I mean, you could fill a closet with all the hangers we have!  Being a frugal crafter, I knew that there had to be something I could do with those old hangers. 

You can re-use those wire hangers!  Easy!

Here are 11 of of my favorite uses:

  • Fish things out of small spaces, especially between car seats. If you've got kids like I do, you're always finding Goldfish crackers, pencils,popcorn, and other materials between the seats of your car. Use a cut coat hanger to get that stuff out (until your kids fill those spaces up again...).

  • Hang pot holders from the door of your refrigerator. I have a TINY kitchen and need my potholders handy. I took a hanger and made a hook that slips over the handle of the fridge and holds my potholders. Now they're nice and close! 

Use hangers to hang potholders close by.

  • Remove static cling. Run the long side of a wire hanger between your skirt and pantyhose, between your leggings and top, etc. Even running the hanger over the outside of your clothes will help.

  • Unclog your drains by forming a hook on the hanger. Unscrew/unhook the drain plug and fish out the hair. You can also use a hanger to just get hair out of the tub. Yuck!

  • Bend a hanger into a giant bubble wand. Then use one part dish detergent and one part water to make a great bubble solution.  This is actually a lot of fun in the winter as the bubbles stick to snow and ice.

  • Stake plants by bending the straight part of the hanger into different shapes to hold the leaves and stems.   

  • Make a mobile for inside or outside using brightly colored coat hangers. 

  • Unclog a vacuum hose.

  • Unclog the bottom of a gutter. We always get leaves stuck in the bottom of one of our gutters. I've taken a part of a hanger and fished the leaves out. 

  • Roast marshmallows. It's fireplace season and my daughter loves roasting marshmallows. We use a cleaned hanger (with a potholder because the hanger will get hot) to hold those 'smellows. Yummy!

These pliers have wire cutters on them to cut hangers.

  • Anchor inflatables. I always lose the hooks that anchor my Christmas inflatables outside.  Use a bent hanger to easily keep those inflatables from falling down.

If none of the above appeal to you, you can always return the hangers to your dry cleaner. They'll be happy to have them.

Do YOU have any uses for old wire hangers? Share! 

And, as always, thank you for reading my blog!

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