Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yes, You CAN Throw A Gymnastics Party At Home!

Lily's school notebook - can you tell she loves gymnastics?!  

Lily, my soon-to-be 9 year old, wants some big-ticket items for her birthday, but with our budget being limited, we agreed that she could have the electronic device ONLY if we celebrate at home.  With our house being tiny and her group of friends, plus gymnastics team, being large, we proposed two small parties.  My little girl readily agreed. Thus, began my brainstorming for how to hold a gymnastics-themed party at home, on a budget, without equipment. Here's how I did it:

Invitations: These were easy. Evite has some nice Olympic-ring-style invitations which were appropriate for her party.

Decorations: Some posters of famous gymnasts, plus a home-made banner which read “You know you're a gymnastic when your whole world is always turned upside down!.”

Snack foods: Onion rings, celery balance beams (celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese), pretzel rods (like uneven parallel bars), and carrot sticks.


  1. Races – During training, the girls do a lot of races. Hubby had them do relay races, obstacle courses during which they had to do cartwheels.
  2. Balance Beam - Lily placed two lines of duct tape across our patio which the kids used as a balance beam. They then took turns doing their beam routines.
  3. Hula Hoop Competition – The girls competed to see who could keep the hoop up the longest.
  4. Head Stand Competition – At meets, while the judges are tabulating the winners, they hold contests to see who can stand on their head the longest.
  5. Ribbon Wands – I bought these wands fairly cheaply at Amazon and they were great for the girls to twirl as if they were doing their floor routines.
Ribbon wants - perfect for a gymnastics party!

I also had  my FAVORITE party game, Hullaballoo (read my review here), on the back burner just in case they got bored.

Favors: Goodie bags had a little candy, but also stuff they use at meets for their hair including elastics, brightly-colored bobby pins, hair clips, and mini-hair sprays. They also received a small trophy.
Yes, everyone received a trophy!

Cake: A simple sheet cake was decorated with 5 Twizzlers shaped in rings (like the Olympic rings). 

The girls had a blast and since Saturday, I've seen some of them sporting the clips and bobby pins in their hair. I think the team enjoyed being together, outside the gym, and my daughter had a blast. Sometimes the best parties are the ones you have at home that don't cost a lot. 

My simple sketch of Lily on the balance beam at gymnastics.  Clearly, I should not quit my day job to become an artist...

Lily is having a second party this weekend for a few school friends and I've come up with some BRILLIANT favors (even if I do say so myself). Stay tuned for more details! 

Thank you for reading!

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