Wednesday, August 6, 2014

25 Texting Acronyms Common To Parents

I love Momspeak, that language that moms (and some dads) use to express the joys, sorrows, and angst of parenthood. So I was delighted with the responses I received when I polled some friends and asked them: what are your favorite texting acronyms? 

Here are the top 25:

  1. KBS Kids Being Snippy (or Sassy)
  2. DK Damn Kids (substitute an F for, you know)
  3. KSC Kids Spilled Crackers ( or C**p)
  4. CFG Can't Find Glasses (reading or sun)
  5. CL? Coffee Later?

  6. NAGI Not A Good Idea
  7. IT In Target
  8. PITA Pain In The A**
  9. BK Before Kids
  10. WIHMS When I Had My Sanity (also BK)

  11. DD Damn Dog (or DC as in Damn Cat)
  12. GDC God Damn Computer
  13. OOC! Out Of Coffee!
  14. TWIW They Whine, I Wine
  15. CSA Can't Stay Awake (Implication – the kids wore me out)

  16. BWN Baby Won't Nap (or BWS as in Baby Won't Sleep)
  17. HBAP Hubby Being A Poop (or something that rhymes with slick)
  18. BDCFD Burned Dinner Call Fire Department
  19. CRS Can't Remember Stuff (or S**T)
  20. FF Feeling Fat

  21. CTT Can't Take This
  22. SOBT Stressed Out Big Time
  23. UB! Unbelievable
  24. FTIW2C For This I Went To College
  25. ISLT I Still Love Them

Sharing our parenting experiences, our stories, is crucial to maintaining our sanity throughout the lives of our children. It's how we gain information and reassurance that we will come out of these experiences as better people with children who will grow to be responsible adults.

Hey, kids have their own texting language, shouldn't we? 


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