Monday, July 28, 2014

Right Time, Right Light, Right Space – Mighty Light

A few years ago, our outside porch light stopped working. Just plain, old stopped for no reason. It was a unit we really didn't need for security, since we have others outside, but it came in handy when you needed to find your keys in the dark. We asked our electrician how much it would be to install a motion-sensitive light which would go on when we stepped into the porch and then go off when we entered the house; the number he quoted almost made me faint. Then one day, I was in Target and spotted Mighty Light.

This is one of those Seen On TV products, although I never did. Mighty Light is a small, but very bright LED light that also contains a motion sensor. It can be mounted inside or out, instantly, because it has no wires. I hammered a nail into the porch near the door where I wanted the light, popped the 3 AA batteries in the unit, and within 5 minutes was good to go. For less than $10, I have a light that does what I want it to do, when I need it to.

I also use it in the entryway between the garage and the house. There's no light in that hallway and rather than guess where the stairs are (can you say “broken leg”?), Mighty Light shines just enough light to illuminate the hall. And it came in quite handy during Hurricane Sandy when the kids needed to walk around with a powerful, but safe light.

It provides just enough light to find my keys and get in the door. 

Supposedly, it's guaranteed to last 30,000 hours, but the batteries will give out before that. In the three years it's been on my front porch, I've only replaced the batteries once. I've read reviews that complain that you have to get pretty close for the light to go on, but that hasn't been a problem for me, since I'm using it in tight quarters.

Mighty Light is one of those products that you wish you'd had a long time ago. It would be great for senior citizens who might fumble for a switch when they're getting out of bed and it's perfect for deep closets or even in an attic where access to light isn't readily available. If there's space you need light, but you don't need it on all the time, then Mighty Light is for you.


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