Saturday, July 12, 2014

All “Pooled Out” Kids? Tough! Momma Gotta Swim!

Me...NOT!!!  What a lie!

So it's only been three weeks since school let out and my kids are already complaining that they're all “pooled out” and are sick of going to our town pools. Granted, they go at least once a week with their camp, however, there are two extraordinary pools in our fair city and we've only been there, as a family five times (I've been counting).

After many years of chasing one kid or another away from the deep end, they're finally at that enviable stage where they can go off on their own, within the confines of the limited pool grounds, and I can sit back and relax. They find friends or, if desperate enough, will actually play TOGETHER (something they do NOT do at home). I chat with people I only see during the Summer, read, write, and try to con myself to get my butt in the water and swim laps.

Convincing myself is the excruciating part. Once I'm in the water, I swim 12 laps. Okay, it's at a snail's pace, but at least I do it. The water is cool, the smell of chlorine refreshing and there's something delightful about kicking around, like a child, enjoying the pleasure of moving my legs through the water. I look around at the kids, splashing and having fun, and I am at peace. Again, once I'm actually IN the pool.

Sadly, I have deterred myself from swimming a few times for flimsy reasons. “I don't have enough time,” “the lap pool is too busy,” and “the kids will never be able to find me,” are some of the stupid excuses I've used. And I always regret not swimming. I've even given the kids passes on going because they're too “pooled out.”

Well, not today! Their dad is home and he's in a GO-GO-GO mood. While I usually loathe those moods, I'm taking advantage of it while the day is fairly young and we're hauling complaining, child tushies to the pool. I WILL get my rumpus in the water and I WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME.

Sometimes parents have to do what's right for themselves and the opinions of their children be damned. Today is one of those days! Suck it up, kids. Momma gotta swim! 

This looks more like me..except with a bathing suit top on...and without the hairy chest.


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