Saturday, June 14, 2014

6 Ways To Recognize Father's Day In Spite Of Your Dad

This Father's Day, many people will be celebrating the caring, wonderful men who were, and are, so influential in their lives. But what if, like many of us, a kind, affectionate paternal figure is missing? How can you get through Father's Day when you don't have a good one, or even one, around? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Acknowledge that your family is different. That's not good or bad; that's just the reality of the situation. All the wishing in the world will not change that. Try to let it go.
  2. If you did have a fantastic father who has died, you can take the time to celebrate and reminisce about his life. Celebrate what you once had, perhaps by visiting a place that was special to him, eating his favorite food, or taking out a belonging of his and really experiencing it via touch or smell.
  3. If you have a dad who is alive or, for whatever reason, from whom you are distant, understand that you are not alone. Many of us have family like that. For me, understanding that others feel like I do helps with loneliness this day can often bring on.
    My father-in-law:  a wonderful man! 
  4. Think back to your childhood and of a man or two who made you feel special and loved. It could be another relative or a friend who was there to listen and support you. Contact him and thank him for being there. You don't have to wish him a happy Father's Day, but you can thank him for his presence in your life, kind of a “thank you for being you” thing.
  5. If you are a dad, take time to think about what it means to be one and resolve (as you probably have already) to be the best one you can be to your kids.
  6. Do something special for yourself like buy yourself flowers or a special dinner. No matter what happened, you survived and are special.

Remember, too, that you don't have to celebrate Father's Day at all! It really is one of those greeting card holidays that serves commercialism more than individuals. Plus, by not celebrating, you're saving money that others are spending on this silly day.

Remember, this June 16th, CAN be just another Sunday in your life. It's your choice how you want to spend it.


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